Yến Béo

where: Truc Bach (44 and 57 phố Yên Phụ)

price range: 80k+ VND/person

hours: 5:00PM-1:00AM

setting: street eats

group friendly: yes

takeaway: takeaway & delivery available

stand-out dish: chicken wings

website: https://www.facebook.com/yenbeo44/

hot tip: grab a spot outside so you can check out what's on the grill

At night, phố Yên Phụ is filled with bustling skewer street food stands, but Yến Béo is the busiest of them all. Popular with young Vietnamese people, find a few stools outside to fit in with the crowd. Or head inside to eat alongside families and older couples. Order a few things off the menu (in our opinion, no choice is wrong because most items taste quite similar), or lineup by the grill to see what is being offered.

verdict: Better for the street ambience than the food, but still a satisfactory meal.