where: Hoàn Kiếm (17B Tràng Thi)

price range: 70k VND

hours: 11:00AM-2:00PM

setting: vegan buffet with a quiet atmosphere

group friendly: yes

takeaway: to-go containers available to fill up and go

stand-out dish: vegan pâté

hot tip: free parking in the park across the street

Vegan Home's philosophy is 'Natural, tasty, and kind', and on all of those it certainly delivers. Food appears on the buffet in small quantities so it is refilled consistently and therefore always fresh. The family who owns this spot and the rest of the staff are vegan, and it certainly shows in the delicious flavors they are serving up in the vegan versions of classic Vietnamese dishes.

verdict: With a great location, fresh quality, and wide variety of delicious dishes, this spot is a definite yes for vegans and veggie-lovers alike.