where: Trúc Bạch (67H Phó Đức Chính)

parking: free

price range: 159k+ VND

hours: 10:30AM-9:00PM

setting: sit-down, family-friendly restaurant with Instagram-hype decor

group friendly: yes

stand-out dish: fish & chips


hot tip: bring a group to try more dishes - the servings are not small

Get To Give's newly-opened location offers all-you-can-eat British and North American-style cuisine. Service is spectacular; the waiters are happy to answer questions and dishes fly out to the table in a steady stream. But the menu, made up of comfort food-style favorites, did not impress. After trying every dish on the menu, we concluded that everything tasted... fine. Instead of quality, the appeal seems to be in the quantity of different items spanning the length of the table, which plays into the photo-taking culture this restaurant caters to.

verdict: More of a novelty experience than anything. Prepare to be overfed but a bit underwhelmed.