where: Tây Hồ (109 Nguyễn Đình Thi), facing the lake

price range: 45-65k VND

hours: 7:00AM-10:30PM

setting: multi-floored cutsie cafe with comfortable tables

group friendly: yes

take-away: tea and coffee delivery available through

stand-out plates: chocolate earl grey, molten chocolate lava cake

hot tip: keep climbing those stairs - the most charming seating nooks are on the top floors

All things cute reign at this charming tea house facing Hồ Tây. Allow the attentive staff to pamper you as your peruse the menu of innovative tea and coffees and sweet treats. Be prepared for hours to slip by as you sip your way through an array of colorful (and very sweet) drinks.

verdict: For those looking for a bit of frill, this tea house is a definite yes.