Bún Hải Sản Long Thùy

where: Trúc Bạch (24 Ngũ Xã)

price range: 55k VND

hours: 7:30AM-9:30PM

setting: local spot

group friendly: yes

takeaway: takeaway & delivery available

stand-out dish: Bún Thái Hải Sản Đặc Biệt

hot tip: a few quay are an excellent accompaniment for the broth

It is hard to be swayed from the tempting offerings of phở cuốn when visiting Trúc Bạch, but Bún Hải Sản Long Thùy provides an interesting (and slightly less oily) alternative. Noodles are topped with shrimp, fried fish (which we found a bit chewy), squid, and crawfish. They also serve a dry version, topped with papaya, but it pales in comparison to the flavorful broth accompanying the more famous bún thái hải sản đặc biệt.

verdict: A good meal when you're in the mood for affordable seafood, as long as you go for the soup.