where: Ba Đình (34 Hàng Than, Nguyễn Trung Trực)

price range: 40K+ VND

hours: 7:00AM-5:00PM

setting: local joint

group friendly: yes

takeaway: delivery on NowVN

stand-out dish: this spot does two things, and they do them very well

hot tip: the bún chả is swamped in garlic so don't schedule any important meetings until two days after a meal here

This bustling spot is a local favorite for their huge portions and equally huge flavor. The lunchtime rush can be a bit overwhelming, but you'll enjoy watching the orchestrated chaos while waiting for your tray to arrive held aloft over the heads of other patrons. Order one nem rán per person; they're big and will be competing with the mountain of bún you'll find yourself confronted with.

verdict: By far one of the best bun cha spots in the city, no president visits necessary.