Bún Cá Măng Chua Cô Hạnh

where: Tây Hồ (Số 6 Ngõ 31)

price range: 30k-40k VND

hours: 6:30AM-3:30PM Mon-Sat

setting: local spot

group friendly: yes

takeaway: takeaway available

stand-out dish: bánh đa trộn

The skylights sheltering this local spot from the outdoors do not provide much protection from the summer sun, but do bathe the large bowls of bún cá in the perfect light. A bustling lunch spot, Bún Cá Măng Chua Cô Hạnh serves up fish and noodles in many forms to local and expat neighbors. Flavorful broth and plentiful fillings & toppings combine to create a bowl that is full of contrasting flavors and textures.

verdict: Fresh and filling for a great price, this spot is a yes.