Bít Tết Số 3 Hoè Nhai

where: Ba Đình (3 Hòe Nhai, Nguyễn Trung Trực)

price range: 60k VND

hours: breakfast-late

setting: local spot

group friendly: yes

takeaway: takeaway and delivery available

stand-out dish: bít tết

hot tip: keep the lid on for a few minutes after the dish is served to continue cooking the eggs to your desired level

Steak, eggs, fries, and vegetables are cooked in gravy and served to the table in a hot skillet. Accompanied by bánh mì, this filling meal will keep you satisfied for hours. Hòe Nhai is lined with other Bít Tết spots, but we like this one for fast service and flavorful gravy.

verdict: Delicious at any time of a day, Bít Tết Số 3 Hoè Nhai is a yes.