Hanoi is a city of choreographed chaos. Its rugged history has seen both destruction and rebirth, transforming how the city's cuisine has developed over centuries. At Hanoi's core is a unique blend of quiet and loud, fast and slow, strong and subtle. The aroma of beef broth mixed with the tang of lime, chili and garlic, the reverberation of motorbikes zooming by, the unmissable shiny blue of the food stall stools that dot the city streets; all combine to capture the essence of this city.

At Plates of Hanoi, we celebrate the flavors and settings that merge to create Hanoi’s unique food and drink culture. But Hanoi's cuisine is far more than what ignites the senses. Here, food is the spirit of community. Sitting in a clamorous Bia hơi surrounded by strangers, eating street food curbside next to swarms of passing tourists, or relaxing in a family's living room cafe, in this city, food brings people together.

Plates of Hanoi desires to understand Vietnamese cuisine at its core: where it comes from, who makes it, and how it has developed. Not only do we want to eat our way through the plastic chair stands and tastiest spots in Hanoi, we want to understand the unique flavors that bring it to life. To taste Hanoi is to know it. We hope you join us on this discovery.